Case Study: Twitter training for @Country_Walks

Case Study: Twitter training for @Country_Walks

Last week, I had the chance to skype teach June Zaft from Country Walks ( June and her husband Aubrey run a business that specialises in running guided country walks in the UK and Europe.  They offer a personalised service, and lead the walks themselves. June had been using Twitter for a few years, but was unsure about how to use it for business purposes.  She decided to book in some sessions with Amy, the lead social media consultant at Trumpeter Media.

Twitter Accounts – Personal or Business?

The first stage was to clarify the difference between her personal and business accounts on Twitter. It is important that the two different accounts are used in the relevant ways. Many people find it difficult to make the distinction between the two. For example, a personal account could tweet ‘having a nice lamb chop dinner!’ whereas a business account might tweet something like ‘Country Walks is excited about introducing a new walk route in the Algarve’.

Learn how to use Twitter in 3 simple lessons

Once June was setup with her business Twitter account, she received tuition on the use of Twitter for business. The lessons were delivered via skype – great if one of you is in York and the other in London!  During the first lesson, June learnt how to follow people and gain more relevant followers.  We looked at other accounts related to walking, to help June to identify potential customers. For example, she logged onto other people with walking related accounts and followed some of their followers to generate interest.

By the second lesson, June was confidently welcoming new followers. It is general Twitter etiquette to follow back and then welcome people who follow you in a mention e.g. ‘Welcome to our new followers @amytrumpeter and @TrumpeterMedia.’ She then learnt about making tweets interactive and exciting, including adding links, such as ‘We have recently been on a recce for our new walk in Turkey. Want to find out more? (link)’ June also learnt how to use ‘mentions’ and ‘interactions’ to find out what people were saying about her business.

The last lesson covered using Direct Messages and trends. June learned how to get in on a trend to gather more followers, e.g. Country walks has some great planned routes in the UK countryside (link) #walking #hiking.’  She now understands how to send all types of Twitter messages – tweets, mentions and DMs (Direct Messages).

Testimonial – Twitter Tuition with Trumpeter Media

We have been checking on June’s progress with the Country Walks Twitter account, and we are impressed with what is going on! June has kindly added her own comments on the service that she received…

“Fantastic training with Amy who is not only an expert in her subject but who has the skills to teach it. I wish I had found her 3 years ago when I first started to use Twitter. Amy has clarified everything for me, and enthused and inspired me. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn more about social media.” June Zaft @Country_Walks

Thank you June, for your hard work on Twitter and your great words of support in your feedback!