Fabulous Facebook Changes! Scheduling Posts and New Admin Roles

Fabulous Facebook Changes! Scheduling Posts and New Admin Roles

We were over the moon to see Facebook update it’s features this week. The ability to schedule posts and a choice of 5 admin roles have now been rolled out.

The ability to schedule posts is fabulous for those business owners out there who are never sure if they will have access to a computer to update their status. Keep your fans interested, even while you are out of the office! Simply write your post as normal, then click on the little clock on the bottom left of the status bar. Then you will be able to add the year, month, date and time that you would like your post to be released. First of all, you will need to make sure that the company or business start date has been added – but that’s all you need to do to set up this facility for your Facebook page.

Posting directly through Facebook has added advantages over using an external scheduler such as Hootsuite. It doesn’t add logos to your posts, and doesn’t decrease your popularity with facebook (edgeware ranking). However, the ‘activity log’ that shows what you have scheduled does not offer you the ability to edit posts. So there are still some advantages of external scheduling platforms for the business owner.

The ability to delegate certain admin roles is a vast improvement to the way that business page owners can set up their team. According to previous ‘admin’ roles, any admin could delete another admin, or indeed delete the entire Facebook page! Definitely not good for security! Now there are 5 admin role options. Go to edit page (admin bar) and click on admin roles. The admins of your page will appear, and you can delegate them different levels of responsibility such as Manager, Content Creator, Moderator, Advertiser and Insights Analyst. This allows for the manager to co-ordinate everyone else in their responsibilities. These new admin roles are ideal for training up new staff and interns, as they can start on a lower level of responsibility and work their way up. It is best to have 1 manager (the business owner or marketing manager), unless you have a business partner who can be 100% trusted!