Facebook Individual Replies to Comments

Facebook Individual Replies to Comments

The Problems with Facebook Commenting and the need for Facebook Individual Replies

Wasn’t it annoying when you wanted to comment on a comment on Facebook, rather than the original status itself? Your comment or response would often be lost in a long list of comments, and it is not always clear who you are responding to. The only way that you could do it before was to tag the person in your comment. The need for Facebook individual replies was as clear as day.

Facebook Individual Replies to Comments

Well, Facebook has started to roll out the individual replied to comments. This means that you will be able to reply to a comment and it will appear underneath that comment as a reply. This makes it much clearer who you are commenting to. It is much better for accommodating Facebook posts that may trigger a number of discussions.

When will Facebook Individual Replies to Comments be rolled out to profiles?

Facebook Individual replies to comments is already in play on some Facebook pages. Soon, the feature will be rolled out to personal profiles as well.

For more on this, see Mashable on Facebook Replies.

Should there be a Facebook ‘dislike’ button?

Many people argue that Facebook should have a ‘dislike’ button too. This could be appropriate when people are sharing sad news or negative statements.

However, Facebook has cleverly been designed to feed our egos. It’s great fun to count the ‘likes’ that we get for a facebook post. But imagine how terrible we would feel if our posts start getting ‘disliked’. It may come across harsh. Maybe even harsh enough to stop us from using the site altogether!

Don’t forget that Facebook pages has ‘questions’ to gather people’s opinions. This can be used for market research and gathering views.

What do you think about Facebook commenting and ‘disliking’?

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