Facebook Page or Person? Using Facebook for Business

Facebook Page or Person? Using Facebook for Business

Many people speak about their Facebook business account as a personal one. Their business has ‘friends’ rather than ‘likes’.  I hear many small business owners say that they are used to using it as a personal account, or that they think it is a more personal approach. Facebook page or person? Here’s what I say to using a personal Facebook account for business –  I say NO, NO, NO!

Reasons why your Business should be on Facebook as a PAGE not a PERSON

1. Your business is a brand, not a person, so people cannot be a ‘friend’.

2. You need to keep the personal and business separate, and having your business registered as a Facebook page helps you to do this.

3. Facebook insights can be accessed if your account is a page (giving you all the relevant statistics about your fans such as demographics and which posts are getting the most interactions).

4. There are more opportunities for design e.g. use of tabs or apps.

5. Google loves it! Get high on the google rankings with a business page.

6. There is no limit to the amount of fans you can have (profiles limit to 5000).

7. Having a page helps you to promote your Facebook page on your website (add a ‘like’ box).

8. You can give people admin rights to your Facebook Page, without giving away personal passwords.

9. A Facebook page like is instant (no waiting for the friend to be ‘approved’)

10. Registering as a person for your business is AGAINST facebook terms and conditions!

“But I will lose all my friends!” I hear you cry! Not at all. You can easily convert a profile to a page, converting your ‘friends’ to ‘likes’.  Need help?  Don’t hesitate to contact us at Trumpeter Media (amytrumpeter@hotmail.com).

Check out the Trumpeter Media Facebook page to see what you can achieve for your business.

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