Trumpeter Media is Born! By Amy Trumpeter

Trumpeter Media is Born! By Amy Trumpeter

Many of you may know me as the Managing Director of Kigali Crafts Ltd. ( After 7 years of teaching, I travelled to Africa to do a voluntary project abroad and widen my horizons.  In Rwanda, I was inspired by an amazing woman called Habiba to start my own fair trade business in support of the Rwandan women (  In 2010, I left full time teaching to set up Kigali Crafts, which was a business that was online based, and encouraged interaction of fans through social media.

Within a year, Kigali Crafts had made local and regional Press with Kigali Crafts.  The Facebook, Twitter and Blogging aspects of the business were highly successful, and our large fan base was built organically (without adverts and buying ‘likes’). Volunteers are supporting Kigali Crafts in reaching sustainability. They are passionate about international development and fair trade. They are encouraged and supported through our facebook group ‘Kigali Crafts Volunteers’.

York was impressed by the strong presence of Kigali Crafts as a brand and as a leading fairtrade company. Yorkshire businesses began approaching me for advice on how to make their Facebook and social media marketing more effective.

In 2011, I took on my first Social Media marketing position with Shared Earth.  Jeremy Piercy had run Shared Earth for 25 years, but the online presence was lower than expected for a business of this age. I raised the online profile of Shared Earth through Facebook, Linked in and Twitter. I also helped his company to put in place a social media policy that was shared with their staff across the UK.  Shared Earth’s fans interact with us on a daily basis through Facebook. They feel valued and supported. The marketing strategy creates an atmosphere that is exciting and engaging, without pushy marketing techniques that can result in ‘unlikes’.

I now hope to support other local and national businesses in the same way, by offering setup and management packages for their social media accounts. I also offer consultancy at an hourly rate to help businesses get a clear social media marketing strategy, before they dive into the minefield of social media marketing.

Trumpeter Media is based at York Hub, and we welcome new clients for a free hour of consultancy to see how we can help.

Welcome to Trumpeter Media!