How do I gain my first ‘likes’ on my Facebook Page?

How do I gain my first ‘likes’ on my Facebook Page?

“Nothing is happening in here!” I hear you scream! Many of my clients have setup a business page on Facebook, but wonder why they don’t have any fans of their page.  The fans don’t just appear, I’m afraid! You need to be active on facebook to encourage people to ‘like’ your business.

Here’s a good start….

1. Post twice daily. If you can, make the posts exciting, and add links to your website and other relevant websites. For example, on a fair trade Facebook page, you might post “What can you make out of recycled bottle caps? Find out here….” and then add the link.

2. ‘Like’ other people’s pages, and they will ‘like’ yours in return.

3. Upload photos and videos – people love to know about your products and your team.

4. Ask questions about things that your fans will be interested in. For example, a sunglasses company might ask…. Rayban or Oakleys?

5. Incorporate the facebook logo into your print based marketing so that your current customer following become facebook fans.

Of course, there’s much more to it that than. If you need any further advice, please contact Trumpeter Media by emailing