Social Media Advertising versus Traditional Marketing Campaign

Social Media Advertising versus Traditional Marketing Campaign

Social media advertising is a rapidly growing marketing area, beginning to rapidly overtake traditional marketing campaigns such as print based marketing. Which is more effective? Social media advertising versus traditional marketing campaign?

What are Traditional Marketing Campaigns?

Traditional marketing campaigns are campaigns that have proven to be successful over the years.

There are four categories of traditional marketing. The first category is printed, which includes advertise meant in newspapers, magazines, newsletters and brochures. Print based marketing existing physical (not digital) four.

The second category of traditional marketing is broadcast which included radio and television commercials. The third category is direct mail which include flyers, postcards, letters, catalogues and brochures sent directly to potential customers. The problem with direct mail is that many many items are seen as junk mail. The final category is telemarketing which includes requested callbacks and also cold calling of potential customers over the phone.

What is wrong with Traditional Marketing Campaigns?

Although these traditional marketing strategies have worked for many years, we are seeing the changes as we enter the digital age. The problem with traditional marketing is that it is one-way marketing. The business speaks and the consumer listens. This has led to a lot of direct traditional marketing receiving negative press. Nobody appreciates junk mail or a cold call these days.

The Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Whereas traditional marketing campaigns are linear, the bonus or advantage of social media marketing is that it is interactive. Social media marketing is cyclical rather than linear, because it involves two-way conversations rather than the one way marketing of traditional and print based campaigns.

Social media advertising versus traditional marketing campaign
Right sidebar Facebook advertisement

What is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising is paid promotion on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter. On Facebook, it could be an advert in the sidebar to get page likes, or it could be a sponsored post that appears in someones news feed.

The benefits of Social Media Advertising

  • Social media advertising can be two-way and enables interaction with potential customers and current customers.
  • Social media advertising includes targeted advertising (for example targeted Facebook campaigns) which means that these adverts are appealing not just to everyone, but to a particular audience who is likely to be interested.
  • Social media advertising is more environmentally friendly because it is digitally based, so no more wasting twins through printed junk mail.

Although I have highlighted the clear benefits to social media advertising versus traditional marketing campaigns, that does not mean that is traditional marketing campaigns are now redundant. There are some situations where a traditional marketing company could be extremely successful. However, if your business is not currently using social advertising, such as Facebook advertising or promoting tweets, I highly recommend that you consider this as a way forward to growing your business.