Solar Eclipse 2015 in Social Media

Solar Eclipse 2015 in Social Media

The Solar Eclipse yesterday (Spring Equinox March 20, 2015) was the most spectacular astronomical event of the decade. The total solar eclipse could be seen across most areas in the UK. The weather was clear enough for a good view, through solar glasses or a pinhole camera, of course! I watched the solar eclipse from Oxford, UK. The great news is that the solar eclipse was captured by millions on social media. Here are my favourite tweets, posts and videos of the solar eclipse 2015.

What causes a Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse is caused by the moon moving inbetween the earth and the sun. In a total solar eclipse, the moon moves directly in front of the sun and casts a shadow over the earth’s surface.

Solar Eclipse 2015 Top Tweets

Mar 20

The Solar Eclipse in the UK

Solar Eclipse 2015
@Eddie_Keogh Mar 20

“Partial solar eclipse is seen above a mosque in Oxford. #Canon #eclipse2015 @reuterspictures @Eddie_Keogh

Solar Eclipse 2015

There were also those who took the opportunity to make solar eclipse gags….

Don’t look at the Sun tomorrow. It’s still dangerous even if only 10% is visible. The same goes for the Express and the Mail.

Solar Eclipse 2015 on You Tube

My favourite You Tube video n the solar eclipse 2015 was from Stargazer…

Solar Eclipse 2015 on Reddit

This image shared on reddit got voted up over 5500 times, and received over 1000 comments. Some criticised the image for being ‘photoshopped’, but the photographer claims that it is genuine and was taken with a telescope in an observatory.

I just took this lucky photo of the solar eclipse!! (

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When is the next Solar or Lunar Eclipse?

The next upcoming eclipses (as outlined by

  • Sept. 13, 2015: Partial Eclipse. Time of greatest eclipse: 6:54 UT. Visible from southern Africa, south Indian Ocean and Antarctica.
  • March 9, 2016: Total eclipse. Time of greatest eclipse: 1:58 UT. Visible from Australia, Sumatra, Borneo.
  • Sept. 1, 2016: Annular eclipse. Time of greatest eclipse: 9:08 UT. Visible from Atlantic Ocean, central Africa, Madagasgar, Indian Ocean.

To find out when the next solar or lunar eclipse is about to occur, you can also visit