Stumbleupon: How can it send me Website Traffic and help my Research?

Stumbleupon: How can it send me Website Traffic and help my Research?

What is Stumbleupon?

Stumbleupon has over 25 million users and is a discovery search engine created in 2001 which will choose a web page at random to show the user. The engine can show the user many different types of pages including videos, photographs, full web pages, animations. Stumbleupon will choose the pages that the user has an interest in.Stumbleupon

It makes the internet slightly more accessible and enables you to ‘stumble upon’ pages that you may never have seen without it.

How do I use Stumbleupon?

Stumbleupon is really user friendly. It doesn’t take much to make an account – it’s also free. You can either register through your Facebook account or keep them separate and register through Stumbleupon. All you need is a username, an email address and a password.

Stumbleupon will give you a list of different ‘interests’ which you have to pick your favourite ones from. This will help Stumbleupon narrow down what you will find interesting or entertaining.

When you log in, the home page will show lots of different articles that fall under the categories that you have chosen. You can either skim through these and click on the ones you find interesting or you can press ‘Stumble’ at the top. This button refreshes the page and loads a new one at random, hence why the website is called ‘Stumbleupon’.

Stumbleupon in Social Media Marketing

Stumbleupon is a great search engine to fall back on when stuck for inspiration within social media marketing. On Facebook, for example, businesses need a good mix of promotion and interactive statuses to keep the customer engaged.

If Facebook statuses are being scheduled a month at a time it can be a challenge to write so many interactive posts all in one go. Stumbleupon makes it that bit easier. It’s great for finding beautiful pictures or funny cartoons which will engage the user. The customer is more likely to share the status with their own personal news feed as well which can help bring traffic through your Facebook page. Same goes for Twitter – retweets can be very effective in gaining followers.

Do you use Stumbleupon? What do you think? Let us know in the comments box below!