The advantages of Facebook Timeline for Business

The advantages of Facebook Timeline for Business

“No…….it looks horrendous!” you scream, in a flustered panic about the Facebook timeline changes that have appeared on your page. Ok, take a deep breath, and let’s think about the advantages of timeline for business.

The Facebook Timeline banner

Firstly, the new timeline design has many advantages for your brand. The new cover image means that you can get a great design to show off your business in a sexy banner!

What are the dimensions of the Facebook Timeline Banner?

The dimensions that you should give your graphic designer are 851px by 315px. However, make sure your designer creates the banner within the Facebook guidelines. Facebook is strict on what is allowed and what is not allowed. Your timeline business cover cannot include any calls to action (e.g. like us here or visit our website). No promotions or discounted offers are allowed to show. Make sure that you check the exact requirements with Facebook. Your logo can be uploaded as a profile picture, and must be 180px x 180px.

The Features of Facebook Timeline for Business

There are other exciting features about Facebook timeline for business. It allows you to send private messages, and receive private messages from your fans. This is great for things that are best kept out of public view. The timeline for pages design also offers the ‘Milestones’ facility, which allow you to create a ‘brand history’.  People these days are definitely interested in the history of your business. When was it founded? When did you move to your first business premises? When did you employ your first member of staff?

As you become confident, you will find many more exciting features of Facebook timeline for business. Don’t shy away from it, embrace it!