The baby girl was identified as Azra Karaduman

The baby girl was identified as Azra Karaduman

But the teams that have had to do [it], some of them have been really successful. Everybody’s got to buy into their new role. You might have to give up something that you’re used to doing or envision yourself doing to do what it takes to win.”. The way Ted would, by writing your poem on the back of the Caramel Wafer wrapper and posting it to us at Tunnock’s Primary Poet, Media Scotland, 1 Central Quay, Glasgow, G3 8DA Enter in the form below:Competition closes at midday on Sunday 29th October. Prize: Winner and their class win a tour of the Tunnocks Factory in Uddingston, Glasgow. Runners Up: 100 runners up win a Tunnocks pencil case with stationary.

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