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August 11, 2012
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August 20, 2012

I always love a good book! Especially an inspirational book about social media. And here’s my recent favourite – The New Relationship Marketing  by Mari Smith.  It’s more than just a social media how to guide, because goes deep beyond social media itself to find out what makes a person tick – why would they trust your business.

Mari Smith explains, from a personal perspective, how she used social media to achieve her goals and grow her reputation. She fits social media in with the importance of brand awareness by explaining how she took her branding colour (turquoise) to an extreme – in clothing, as well as her logo, and even her suitcase!

What’s great about ‘The New Relationship Marketing’ is that it emphasises the importance of connecting the online social network with the real life social network. Neither approach should happen in isolation. The online and offline should compliment each other. So, the next time you are out and about at a business network, be sure to ‘tweet’ your new collegues to see if they enjoyed the meeting. Also, check in with your business contacts from time to time. And not just because you want to do business, but because you want to wish them happy birthday or just general see how they are doing. It is this personal approach, blended with a little relationship psychology, that Mari successfully highlights. I believe that it really works.

Mari Smith is a great social media practitioner to look up if you are a confident Facebook and Twitter user, and have incorporated social media into your business. However, if you are a ‘newbie’ just starting out on your social media journey, save it for later – it might be too daunting and scare you off!

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