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Why should I get more followers on Twitter?

Building your Twitter following for your business account can be a great way to send traffic to your website and release information about your business. This article will give you free advice on how to get more followers on Twitter.

How can I get more followers on Twitter?

The overall best way to get more followers on Twitter is through quality content. It can help you to build a new customer base if you tweet regularly and share useful and engaging content. If you are tweeting from a business account, as a general rule you should be sending out 1 in 10 promotional tweets. The rest of the content should be something that your customer base would find useful or interesting. For example, at Trumpeter Media, we tweet relevant information about social media marketing for free. This means that when people want social media services, they will think of coming to us.

Following others is one way to raise your profile on Twitter, but be careful not to overfollow. Many people who return follows will unfollow at a later date or not engage with your content. Also, be aware that you have to maintain a healthy following:followers ratio. If you over follow, not only will Twitter stop you from following more, but it won’t look great on your account. You don’t want to make yourself look unpopular, do you?

Top 5 Ways to Get more Followers on Twitter

  1.  Tweet Useful and Engaging Content that will inform and help your customers.
  2. Use hashtags to make your content searchable e.g. Top five ways to get more followers on #Twitter #socialmedia
  3. Live Tweeting – perhaps share appropriate comments on a documentary or sports result if relevant to your business. It is a good idea to say that you will be live tweeting before the show.
  4. Retweet others that have posted good, shareworthy information. Also favourite and respond positively to other people’s tweets. Boosting other people’s ego’s will do wonders for your Twitter account!
  5. Share original pictures and videos.

Should I use Tweetaddder to get more followers on Twitter?

Some people use automated software to get more followers on Twitter. We trialed Tweetadder software to get more followers on Twitter. The added bonus of Tweetadder is that you can search for people to follow based on location.  You can also automate direct messages straight to people inbox to say thanks for following or visit my website.

However, when we trialled Tweetadder to get more followers on Twitter, we found it quite mechanical and detrimental to the image of our account. You can end up over following or just sounding rather robotic in the automated messages. At Trumpeter Media,we recommend that you run your Twitter account organically. You can always try a social media management platform such as Hootsuite to make it more manageable.

Should I buy Followers or Promote Tweets?

It is not advisable to buy followers. It can be seen by others if you have a high following of fake users. Also, you can be breaking terms and conditions by paying for followers or fans on social media platforms.

You can pay for Tweets to be promoted, but it is not necessary to do this if you are using your Twitter Account properly. In fact, many people avoid promoted Tweets and Facebook posts. What you really want to do is develop a good hashtag and get a trend going!

How do you get more Followers on Twitter?

Please share your ideas in our comments!


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