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August 26, 2015
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September 22, 2015

Last week, I tested out Socialoomph as a social media management tool. Social Media management tools are good time savers, and allow you to do things such as schedule tweets and follow back.


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Socialoomph Free Basic Account

Socialoomph offers a free basic account, and you can also pay to upgrade for extra facilities. I will explain the basic free Social Oomph account first of all, before going onto explain the paid services.

With Socialoomph, you can schedule tweets across up to 5 Twitter accounts. Socialoomph also offers you the facility to reuse drafts to save time – if you want to use the same tweet on a monthly basis, for example, you don’t have to rewrite it.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 13.49.48

Scheduling Tweets with Socialoomph

Socialoomph is also good for social media listening. You can set up keywords to track, and social oomph will email you relevant tweets periodically.

The basic socialoomph facilities are…

  • Schedule Tweets
  • Track Keywords
  • Save and reuse drafts
  • Set up alerts and track keywords
  • URL Shortening
  • View @mentions and retweets
  • Purge inbox and tweets
Connecting social media accounts on Socialoomph

Connecting social media accounts on Socialoomph

What are the advantages of Upgrading to Socialoomph Professional?

I tried Social Oomph Professional for a week, and there were significant advantages to the Pro version…

  • Add an unlimited number of Facebook, Twitter and Linked In accounts.
  • Sync your blog RSS Feed into social media updates.
  • Finds new people for you to follow.

Everyone gets a free Pro Upgrade for a week, so register and try it out! After that it costs $17.97 every two weeks. One of the advantages of pro is that it allows you to upload and schedule images.

By linking your blog RSS feed into your twitter feed through Socialoomph, you can rest assured that your new content will always be shared. The other great thing about upgrading to professional is that it will find new followers for you, and you simply approve.

Twitter Unlimited

You can also pay $6.97 every two weeks to have Twitter unlimited, which gives you unlimited twitter accounts on Socialoomph. This is good for people mainly interested in Twitter marketing, who don’t need unlimited Facebook and Linked In Accounts.

Should I Automate Follow Backs and Direct Messages for Twitter?

For an extra fee ($6.44 a month), Socialoomph offers the following…

  • Auto Follow Backs.
  • Auto DM inbox message delivered direct to new followers inbox.

Personally, I’m not so convinced about the automated follow back and the automated inbox message. Automated follow backs mean that you could end up following someone spammy or not credible, and this could look bad for your business. It is also on the verge of breaching twitter rules, so be careful with that one – I personally wouldn’t recommend it.

I wouldn’t recommend the automated DMs either. The problem with automated Direct Messages is that they clog up people’s inbox and tend to be viewed as spam. Most people now ignore them and just delete. I recently wrote article on my travel blog about why bloggers should not automate DMs on Twitter.

Overall View: Socialoomph vs Hootsuite

While I do see the value in some of the Socialoomph facilities on offer, one or two were found to be unproductive or unethical. For example, the ‘find follows’ is not really that time saving – I can find follows through my Twitter account just as quickly. You also have to wait for it to find follows initially, which you don’t need to do when using Twitter itself directly.

In addition, the auto follow back is poor strategy (in my opinion) and the automated DM these days is classed as spam.

Hootsuite Owls (Photo Sharing) Image Credit: (Flickr)

Hootsuite Owls (Photo Sharing)
Image Credit: (Flickr)

Personally, I would recommend Hootsuite over Socialoomph if you are looking for a professional social media platform.

What do you think of Socialoomph? Do you prefer Socialoomph to Hootsuite?

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