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November 16, 2012
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November 28, 2012

Pinterest introduced it’s new ‘secret boards’ recently. What are they, and how can they be used?

What are the Pinterest Secret Boards?

Pinterest recently announced their new ‘secret boards’ in time for the Christmas season.  On Thursday 8th November, Pinterest started to gradually roll out a test that enables anyone to create three secret boards – boards that only you – or family and friends that you invite – can see.

How do I create a secret board?

To create a secret board, you need to log in, scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Create a Secret Board’. You can also click Add+ on the top right-hand corner of Pinterest to select ‘Create Board’ and turn the Secret button to On.

What can Secret Boards be used for?

  • Sharing Logos and Design or project Ideas
  • Gift Ideas
  • Event Planning ideas
  • Private Photo sharing

What are you using Pinterest secret boards for?

What do you think of the new Pinterest ‘Secret Boards’?  What are you using them for? Do share your ideas by commenting on our blog!

Follow this link to find out more about Pinterest Secret Boards.

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