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About – Trumpeter Media was founded by Amy Trumpeter, an ex-teacher who moved into digital marketing. She realised that many businesses had the desire to keep their social media marketing in-house, but did not have the knowledge or experience to do this. Amy bridged the gap by offering one to one and group training courses in Liverpool, Manchester and London to teach business owners and employees how to make the best out of digital marketing. 

At Trumpeter Media, we are passionate about training people in Digital Marketing, but also we can take the burden away from you if you are looking to outsource your digital marketing. Our specialists can travel to visit you in your business or meet you online and offer you an initial half hour digital marketing consultation for free.

We offer services in:

  • On page Search Engine Optimisation – Keyword research and Optimisation on WordPress
  • Off page Search Engine Optimisation – link building Campaigns and blogger outreach
  • Digital Marketing Training – Face to Face and online via Zoom or Skype
  • Content Marketing and Article Writing – Blogs, Website Copy and Ebook writing
  • Social Media Marketing and Management – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

How we Work

Starting with the Strategy 

Good marketing always starts with a solid strategy plan that identifies your goals and target audience. We strategy plan with our clients from the beginning, to ensure that you get the most out of your digital marketing budget, We can make recommendations on Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Pay Per Click.

Training as the Focus

We believe that no-one understands your business better than you do. That’s why our approach incorporates elements of training into your package. This could involve training your staff on the implementation of your new marketing strategy, or it could involve us teaching you how to write the marketing strategy itself. Whatever your needs, we balance training with implementation so that you staff can fully understand how to achieve the business goals. 

Return on Investment

We understand that as a small or medium sized business, for every penny you spend on your digital marketing, you are eager to see a return. At Trumpeter Media, we use demographic targeting and keyword research to ensure that we are reaching your target audience online. We then make recommendations on conversion so that you see your marketing efforts result in website click throughs, sign-ups and sales. 

Relationship Based Marketing

Our focus on relationship based marketing of the future means that you can build positive relationships with your current customers, but also grow beneficial relationships online that will materialise into sales further down the line. We follow the marketing principles of online marketing gurus such as Mairi-Smith and Dave Kerpen, coaching you to grow trust and excellent customer service on your online platforms.

Bespoke Service

At Trumpeter Media, we understand that not all businesses and marketing needs are going to be the same. We therefore offer you a fully taylored proposal that will suit your specific businesses needs. We offer full digital marketing strategy plans that take into consideration your goals, resources and budget. This can be formally presented to your team or board of Directors and either implemented by or or implemented by yourselves in-house.

International Projects

Trumpeter Media’s main clients have historically been in the retail and travel sector. As we live in a world of globalisation, our digital marketing agency have worked with clients world-wide and continue to do so. We have previously worked with Shared Earth (Fair Trade Products), Radisson Blu and Cabin Max to name a few of our international clients. Our Managing Director has worked in Istanbul, Prague, London and Bangkok in the last two years alone, and her international experience extends across ten years and four continents. 

For a quote to train your international business in marketing and social media strategy, please contact us for further information. Flights are no obstacle!


We are a forward thinking and hard-working team who work on a wide range of blogs, websites and digital marketing projects. We are based in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool and also work in Manchester and London, with opportunities to work internationally.

You should be digitally minded and on top of all the latest social media trends. We love to work with people who are passionate, enthusiastic and eager to network.

Remote working is an option at Trumpeter Media, as we believe that allowing people to work remotely is an effective way to reduce business costs and expand geographically. We are travellers at heart and love to work as we see the world. 


Alice Robson

Customer Advisor at Hotter Comfort Concept

Amy gave me the experience and opportunity I needed to progress. Her enthusiasm and knowledge was passed on throughout the group. She was a pleasure to work with!

Allan Walker

Chief Executive Officer at Selkirk Distillery

It was a pleasure to work together with Amy Trumpeter, who was an intelligent strategist. Amy Trumpeter is not only an experienced and precise team player but also an inspiring professional. Amy Trumpeter is a smart, reliable, careful and highly motivated perfectionist who can take on even the most challenging projects. Deadline oriented, organized and wise person, her knowledge is vast and thorough. I strongly endorse Amy Trumpeter. It’s amazing to work with such a person.

Jeremy Piercy

M D at Shared Earth UK Ltd

Amy has worked at Shared Earth, focusing on our social networking and e-marketing. She has raised the online profile of our company significantly. Amy is hard working and dedicated to fair trade.

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  1. I have used Amy on a project and found her to be enthusiastic, patient and thoroughly professional in her outlook and was a pleasure to work with and plan to work her again shortly. She is a rare find!

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