Social Media Marketing

Social Media is a massively growing area of marketing in the world today. Say goodbye to the old one-way marketing systems such as bill-boards, Magazine ads and radio, and say hello to the two-way approach of social media marketing. Customers can now share with and interactive with their favourite brands online, in a similar way to how they have conversations with their friends. 

This is the relationship based marketing that Mhairi-Smith talks about in her book ‘Relationship based Marketing’. By building relationships with customers, they start to see you as an authority and they develop trust in your brand. These social media followers are then highly likely to turn into customers when they have a need for your product. 

As a leading social media agency in Liverpool, our social media campaigns at Trumpeter Media combine creativity and strategic approach, to get people engaged with your brand and to generate leads online.

Your objectives and target audience will be clearly defined and outlined in our social media strategy document. We can then either train your team to implement the social media strategy in house, or implement this for you on your behalf. 

What is Social Media?

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention from social media sites, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. It’s a modern way of communicating. People share with and interact with brands as they do with people, so humanising your brand on social media and interacting with potential customers is extremely important. 

Why invest in Social Media?

Running a social media campaign for your business has many benefits:

Targeting personal time: The most compelling argument for experimenting with a social media strategy is the ability to reach your target audience on platforms where they spend their personal time. In your personal time you are more likely to research new products and service, and more likely to be open to promotional messages.

Competitive Edge: As part of your consideration for a social media campaign check to see if your competitors have profiles setup and how active they are on each platform. If they are active, this may indicate that they see value in investing in social media as a promotional channel, and if they are not, it may provide you with an opportunity to get one step ahead.

Lead generation: Promoting your product or service on social media channels is a great way to get instant brand awareness and, if managed properly, it is a fantastic place to generate new business enquiries. Each platform attracts a certain audience type, and our job is to help you understand where best to focus your time and energy.

Global Targeting: Social media has the power and the reach to break down cultural and geographic borders like no other marketing channel can. Most social media platforms operate around the world with language translation functionality and the ability to find micro-niches where your ideal customers will be waiting.

Free to use: Some platforms such as LinkedIn offer premium options, but most social media platforms are free to setup and free to use. The only investment is your time to create a compelling campaign and to manage it effectively. If time is a challenge for you, then we are here to help.

How does Trumpeter Media deliver Social Media?

Our social media management has four phases of work:

Strategy planning: The first campaign deliverable is a social media strategy plan. This key document defines the goals of the campaign, the strategy required and the day-to-day tactics which will be employed throughout the campaign.

Campaign management: The strategy document define the campaign activity in full, but it will generally consist of daily content delivery, ongoing engagement with your audience and a pro-active campaign to build your social following.

Social advertising: Paid social advertising is now an intrinsic part of our social media campaign management. We will setup and manage paid adverts across your key social media channels designed to increase brand awareness or to drive a specific action.

Analyse and Review: By reviewing and refining on an ongoing basis, we can hone in on your customers and track effectiveness of results. This ensures that you campaign is effective and budget is not wasted.

Campaign Management

Your campaign will be managed by Amy Green, our Client Services Manager, as a single point of contact. As a seasoned Social Media expert, Amy will manage our relationship with you, as well as our internal team to deliver your social media campaign.

During the planning phase Amy will create a detailed campaign plan with clear milestones and actions for all parties to review and agree prior to commencement. Amy will conduct monthly and quarterly campaign update meetings to ensure strong communication is maintained.

We use a variety of campaign management tools to deliver your social media campaign, including platforms such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Basecamp, Google Analytics and Google Docs. Clients will be provided access to required tools at the outset of the project.

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