Choosing the right Social Media Management Services

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If you have just started your brand new company, or are looking to expand your existing business, one of the ways you can do this is through social media. 

According to Statista, nearly four billion people worldwide are active users of social media, making platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn great ways to raise brand awareness, draw people to your website and sell products and services.

If you do not have the time to look after your social media, or need a little bit of assistance in posting the right things, social media management services can help. This is when you get someone to manage your online presence for you. 

In this blog post, we will take a look at the social media services available and how to find the right social media management service for your business.

What social media services are available?

There are a variety of social media services available. You may be interested in all of them, or just a select few; depending on your needs and budget:

  • Strategy: Starting from the beginning and don’t know what to do first? A social media management service can create a marketing strategy for you to help you identify your goals and what content to put out
  • Content writing: Writing engaging, educational and entertaining social media posts is a skill, and the right management service will create the perfect content for your social media platforms, in line with your brand’s tone of voice
  • Scheduling: If you are short on time, a management service can schedule all of your posts in advance, leaving you with more time to manage your business
  • Graphic design and video creation: Bright and exciting images and videos will make people stop and pay attention. If your design skills leave a lot to be desired, a management service will create content for you
  • Social media management and listening: A management service can keep an eye on your profile for you, responding to comments, tracking customer sentiment and engaging with customers

Is it best to outsource or recruit in-house?

Some companies outsource their social media management to specialist agencies and freelancers, while others prefer to recruit a member of staff to look after their social media needs. There are advantages and disadvantages to each:

Pros of outsourcing

  • Agencies have several years of social media marketing experience they can apply to your business, meaning you will get someone skilled and experienced working with you
  • Agencies will keep up to date with all the latest social media developments. If they are made aware of something that could help you save time and money, they will let you know
  • Agencies will free up your time so you can focus on growing your business. Plus you will not have to spend time managing a member of staff

Pros of recruiting inhouse

  • You will have someone who will live and breathe your product or service, meaning they will have extensive knowledge of what your business does
  • It may be you hire a marketer who looks after social media as part of their role, meaning they can help with other aspects of your marketing too

Ultimately, your choice will depend on your personal preference, budget and the time you have to spare.

How to choose the best Social Media Management Company for you

So you’ve come to the decision you want to outsource your social media. That’s great! However, who do you choose? If you search for ‘social media management company’ on Google, there are over 2,700 million results!

Here are our top tips.

  • Check out their own social media profiles: Have a look at their own social media accounts. If they haven’t posted on there for years or don’t respond to their followers, it’s not a good sign! 
  • Ask for a trial: Ask the company if they would be willing to work with you for a week so you can see what they can do. Have a look at the content they put out on your behalf. Does it result in engagement? Most importantly, do they work well with you?
  • See if they have experience in your industry:  If they have worked with businesses like yours before, it’s a good sign they will be able to create an effective social media presence for you.
  • Speak to their customers: If you know someone who uses them or has used them previously, ask what their experience has been like. Have they seen tangible results? Can they advise of any issues they have had? Similarly, if you ask the company if they can provide you with a reference but they aren’t willing to do so, it’s a big red flag.

Social Media Management Services at Trumpeter Media

Here at Trumpeter Media, we offer social media management services which involve content creation, paid advertisement and engagement. If you would like help with your social media please get in touch.

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