Video Management – Simple Tips and Hacks to Make your Videos more Visible!

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Times are changing. Actually, times have changed. Emails have replaced letters, jpegs have replaced prints and video streaming has replaced the reel. Previously, you couldn’t just go online and stream your video, save it and watch it as many times as you want on any device at a click of a button. This change can surely be credited to the internet and its evolution.

The reason videos have been so successful in the recent past, is that they are to the point. And statistics say that a person who learns something new from a video, retains the information more, as the can visualize it. So, with videos taking over the mantle where delivering information to the masses from the written word, it is essential that these information prophets understand the internet and manage their videos in a way that they reach the target audience. Well, as you know, finding the video right for you on the internet, is like Finding Nemo! Read on further to see our tips for better video management.

Video Management

  1. Make your video Findeable!

If you require your audience to see your video and in turn benefit themselves and also you, you need to first make sure that they can find the video. There are billions of videos online and your consumers need to be able to relate to the video without watching it. This is the job of the video title. Open up your meta-data and spend some time in understanding if your video title is descriptive and takes your point across. The title should be short but should contain all the relevant information, it should contain all the intended keywords that make the video more search engine optimized. Another great way of making a video more discoverable is to write a proper description for it. That is, if the video has good description or transcript, search engines would tag your video moe to the search as it contains the relevant key words.

  1. Make your Video easy to Play!

Today’s average consumer has at least 3 devices with them. A smart phone, a tablet and a computer. With user defined cloud services like google offers, you can stream a YouTube video on your computer and then switch to our phone and it plays from where you left off. The idea of making your video portable, so that it plays clearly and with the intended quality is paramount to a video’s success. So use a multi-device platform to encode your video so that it plays flawlessly on any device, including a large TV or an overhead projector! It is important to consider all available devices. Try HTML5 maybe?

  1. Make it Interesting!

It may sound very easy, the task of making a video interesting, but it’s not. Especially in the corporate world, it’s very difficult to keep an audience interested in a dry topic. This feat though, can be achieved by adding an element of interaction to the video. Including a small calculation, a do it yourself task of even a small quiz, could go a long way in the success of your videos.

  1. Know your audience and stay informed!

As is any business, video management is very much improved by knowing your customers, what they want and their feedback. If you have published a video but it’s not as popular as you hoped it would be, take some time to assess your video and see who watches the video and how engaging they find it. The simplest form of this assessment is to check the number of ‘Likes’ or ‘Re-tweets’ on Facebook and Twitter respectively.

  1. Got some Feedback? Adapt and re-furnish!

Now that you know who watches your video and what they think of it, you can adapt to the most featured improvements and re-furnish the video. This way, through continuous feedback and adaptation, you can improve the viewership of your video and with more people watching your videos, the better it will get!


It’s important that we change with these changing times. If videos are what the world wants, then videos is what you should give. Follow these simple yet effective tips to better video management.

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