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Why Social Media will NEVER replace face-to-face Networking

The Problem with Social Media These, days with all of the social media and tech to stimulate our brains, we rarely live in the moment. People are having dinner with their spouses, sitting in business meetings and even crossing the road whilst using social media on their smartphone. It’s not healthy for positive interpersonal relationships, […]

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Massive Apple Shop Barcelona

Many of you know that I am a massive Apple fan. I know that I may offend many Android supporters out there, but I’m willing to stick my neck on the line! I find Apple easy to use, good quality and durable. I also love the fact that my iPad, iPhone and Macbook are all in […]

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Snapchat for Bloggers – The new Wave of Social Media!

Social Media, including Facebook and Twitter are too easily automated these days. Social Media is no longer always in the now or the moment, because so much content can be scheduled. But, lets face it, Facebook and Twitter are old hat! Bring on Snapchat – the new mobile based social media app that gives your friends and fans just […]

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