Massive Apple Shop Barcelona

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Many of you know that I am a massive Apple fan. I know that I may offend many Android supporters out there, but I’m willing to stick my neck on the line! I find Apple easy to use, good quality and durable. I also love the fact that my iPad, iPhone and Macbook are all in Sync.

My new Gold Macbook

In April this year, I invested in the brand new Apple Macbook in Gold (bling-bling I know!). It has a 12 inch retina display and has 512GB of PCIe-based onboard flash storage. It set me back over a grand, but considering that I am now blogging and running my social media business full time, it was a necessary investment. It’s so slim (13.1mm) and light (0.9kg) that the new Macbook is perfect for blogging and taking abroad.

Apple Macbook Gold

Needing a New Cable in the Middle of Barcelona!

So, I was all set up as a digital nomad with my Macbook, and went on a blogging trip to Barcelona. I have used my new Macbook solidly for 6 months and it’s travelled across 4 different countries. Admittedly, I didn’t really look after the cables, I just shoved them in my bag. No surprise, then, that my cable became faulty – in the middle of my Blogging trip abroad!

My boyfriend suggested the small phone shop that we had passed on the way, but I wasn’t sure if they would have my new Macbook cable. If they did, it might not be the official one. I was convinced that there would be an Apple shop in Barcelona, so we had a look on Google.

Massive Apple Shop Barcelona

We saw online that there was an Apple shop in the centre of Barcelona, on Placa de Catalunya. So off went, using the GPS on my iPhone to find the way!

Apple Shop Barcelona

When we got there, I could believe it – this was the biggest Apple shop I had ever seen. It is the second largest in Europe. There are three stories in the Apple Shop Barcelona, all joined by a Steve Jobs patented glass staircase.

Inside Apple shop Barcelona

As you walk into the ground floor, you are greeted with a light and spacious expanse where you can try out all the latest iPhone’s, tablets and other gadgets.

Apple Shop Barcelona

Downstairs in the basement, there was a separate area for cables and sound. The had the mini Apple speakers and a vast array of Apple headphones all in different colours.

The customer service was great – a friendly employee (who speaks several languages) will come up to you and found out what you are looking for (someone found the correct cable for me!) There aren’t any tills as such – transactions went through on a hand held Apple gadget there and then!

Oh, and if you go all the way to the top of the stairs, you get to the Genius Bar 😉

You can ‘like’ the Apple Shop Barcelona’s Facebook Page here.

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