I Lost my iPhone – How to get your iPhone back if it has been Found

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Quite often, we don’t realise how much we depend on our technology on a daily basis. Many of us don’t back up our numbers or calendars. Last week, horror struck, when I lost my iPhone!

However, the beauty of the iPhone, in my opinion is that it automatically backs up your data through the iCloud. If you have iCloud set up, or if you use iTunes and iBooks, you may find that you still have the photos and numbers stored as a backup. But even more impressive, you can lock your iPhone and change it to ‘lost mode’ to help it come back to you. You can also trace it’s whereabouts online!

When I lost my iPhone, I got it back the very same day using this method!

Lost my iPhone – Putting your iPhone into ‘Lost Mode’

What I did when I Lost my iPhone

When you lose your iPhone, you don’t need to panic. Once you are sure that it is lost, and you have re-traced your steps, you need to get to the nearest computer with internet or log on to WIFI using your iPad.

Login to iCloud using the email and password that you use for iTunes or paying for Apps. If you do not already have iCloud on your iPad or PC, you will need to download it here. Check the system requirements – you will need Windows 7 or 8 or at last OS8 on apple.

How I set iPhone to ‘Lost Mode’ when I Lost my iPhone

Click on the ‘find my iPhone’ link. Click on devices and select your iPhone. A box will appear in the top right and you need to click set ‘Lost Mode’. You type the number in that you want to be contacted on such as your work, friend or family member. Then confirm the ‘lost message’ that you want to appear on the screen. When I lost my iPhone, it got handed in on a bus in Oxford when it fell out of my pocket. Because I set it to lost mode, the bus driver was able to call mom and tell her where it was handed in, so I could collect it after work!

Trace the Whereabouts of your Lost or Stolen iPhone

The ‘Find my iPhone’ application also can track your iPhone and show you where it is on a map. When I lost my iPhone, this was quite funny for me as I could see it doing the S4 bus route, so I knew it was with a bus driver! If you set your iPhone to ‘lost mode’, you will also be emailed to tell you the address it was traced and the exact time – amazing!

This can also be helpful if you lose your iPad or other Apple devices.

Remember that this will be more difficult if your iPhone has been stolen. As a general rule, if it has been stolen, the SIM will be removed immediately and you will not be able to put your iPhone in ‘lost mode’.  Usually, if you can track your iPhone for an hour or two after you have lost it, chances are that someone has found it rather than stolen it. In this case, you are more likely to get it back!

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