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Social media is, of course, a fantastic forum to relay information for customers and anyone interested in your brand. Some  business owners use social media like a megaphone, broadcasting their own ideas and opinions and services to the world. My question is this… “Is using a social media megaphone the best way to market your business online?”

The Social Media Megaphone

It is important think about what a ‘social media megaphone’ would do for your brand. Imagine talking to a person who stands there with a megaphone shouting at you non-stop. Would you listen to that person? Of course not! You would feel like that person was dictating things to you without listening to a word that you say. You would probably just switch off. Having a social media megaphone is a little bit like a one way conversation. It is easy to forget to forget the ‘social’ element of social media.

social media megaphone
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Is a Social Media Megaphone the best way to Market your Business Online?

Social media should be interactive and not one way. Therefore, social media listening is absolutely crucial to creating a strong social media presence online. It is fundamental that you incorporate social media listening into your strategy plan. When you engage in social media listening, you help people on a level that they would not expect. It is this phenomenal customer service and understanding of your customers needs and point of view that really make brands boom on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

You can engage in social listening on social media platforms themseves. However, using an application such as Hootsuite would make social media listening much easier for you.

The Importance of Social Media Listening

One of my favourite positive brand experiences involved the outstanding use of Twitter by Dyson. I loved my Dyson – I spent £500 on it brand new! 5 years later, I tweeted that I was unhappy because my Dyson had broken. All of a sudden, within minutes, Dyson has tweeted me back saying that there was a man who could come to my house to fix my Dyson and I could call him on this number! Phenomenal customer service!  Within three days, the Dyson representative had come to my house, cleaned out my filters and replaced the broken parts. I have never contemplated buying a different brand of Hoover since! I was a happy customer indeed. Would I have been as impressed with Dyson if they had just been shouting out on a social media megaphone? Probably not. That is the power of social media listening. Make your customers feel like they could not experience this level of service anywhere else.

Moving towards a Relationship based Social Media Marketing

Do you see how social media listening and marketing through engagement is so much powerful than just blurting out how good your company is? Of course, we all think our companies and businesses are fantastic. But, does your business provide the outstanding level of service that people are looking for today? If you are interested in reading more about relationship based marketing, I highly remember recommend Mari Smith’s book The New Relationship based Marketing. Remember that through social media marketing, you are interacting with the person, not just shouting at them down a social media megaphone.

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