Make Blogging Faster and Easier with the Dragon Dictation Voice to Text App!

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How to Transfer Voice to Text for easy Blogging

I often blog on the go. Using a touchscreen phone or iPad tablet can be difficult and may lead to repetitive strain injury. Also, to be able to record your voice to text instead of typing at a keyboard can speed up the blogging process.

Dragon Dictation Voice to Text App

I decided to trial the Dragon Dictation voice to text app to help me to blog more effectively. Dragon Dictation is a free app for android and iPhone. You can download it by searching for Dragon dictation online or going to your App Store and searching for Dragon dictation there and downloading the app. The app itself is very easy to use. Simply speak into your microphone after pressing the record button and press again the red button when you are done. This can then be sent directly to your email. You can edit the text on the app or send it to yourself for when you are at your desktop, to turn the material into a high-quality blog. It is easy to copy and paste the text once it has been sent to your email.

voice to text

Dragon dictation also links to Facebook and Twitter to make social media posting easier.

The only real drawback to using the dragon dictation application is that it records for a maximum of 60 seconds. However, you simply press the record button again after your 60 seconds are up and it will continue to record your voice on the same document, so this is not really a problem.

I have enjoyed trialling the Dragon dictation software and I feel that it will help me to blog more effectively and also to blog on the move. You can use the Dragon Dictation app with headphones or without. In fact, I have recorded the whole of this blog on the Dragon Dictation voice to text app. I highly recommend this for any entrepreneurs who want to save time and blog on the go.

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