What is a blog?

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What is a Blog?

We often get asked ‘what is a blog?’ and the answer is really quite simple. A blog is whatever you want it to be.

It’s your own website on which you can write whatever you want to! There are no set rules, it’s just your creativity and imagination going down on a page (and, hopefully, being seen by millions!)

What do people Blog about?

There are millions and millions of blogs circulating the web today, foodie ones, photography ones, even ones blogging about dogs! A blog can be a diary, a collection, a cookbook, a photo album… the list goes on.

Blogs generally (but not always) have a theme, for example YorkshireFoodie blogs about food and restaurants where Dogmatized blogs about their dogs!

Blogs are usually presented in chronological order, with the most recent post appearing first. Depending on how computer literate you are, and whether or not you want to spend any money, there are plenty of themes and backgrounds to choose from as well as tools to link your blog to your website.

There are so many tools at your disposal when writing a blog. Other people can subscribe to your blog and read everything you post, you can follow other blogs and pick up ideas, other people can comment on your blog and vice versa. The best part of the blog is seeing your ‘stats’ and seeing how many people are reading what you write!

Can you Blog for Business?

Blogs are becoming more and more popular with businesses as well as individuals. It’s a great way to connect with customers and potential clients to show a more ‘real’ side of your business and to show what you can do! For individuals, your blog shows how well you can write and showcases your skills. It’s particularly useful when looking for a job, if you blog about your marketing skills or your photography skills then your blog is like your portfolio!

How do I start a Blog?

A blog is so easy to start when you know what you want to say, but here are some tips to help get you started:

1)   Think about what you’re passionate about and then post about it. If you don’t then you’ll quickly run out of things to say!

2)   Post often, and make them interesting!

3)   Comment on other people’s blog, and they will comment back. This will increase your views and comments!

4)  Be careful not to offend anyone especially on a business blog.

5) Have fun blogging!

Read about what we think is the best place to host a blog: here!

Hopefully now you can answer the question; What is a blog? If you now go on to set up your own blog, please share it with us!

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6 thoughts on “What is a blog?

  1. This is great encouragement for all new bloggers to not be intimidated but to dive in and get started! I started with writing about subjects I knew–life experiences, entrepreneurship, etc. Not knowing at first what this could turn into, I’m surprised with how much I enjoy watching my blog grow and coming up with good content every week!

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