Video calls on Skype

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What are video calls on skype?

Video calls on skype are simple and easy to do. Skype can be used for personal calls, such as contacting friends and family aborad for free. It can also be used for business video conferencing. Much easier, cheaper and more interactive than a telephone call. Just remember to wash your hair and wear something decent!

How do I set up a free skype account?

First of all, you need to install free skype software onto your computer. Follow this link to get skype. Secondly, you need to register your skype account by entering your name and profile information. Follow this link to create a skype account.

How do I start video calls on skype?

Once you have installed the skype software and setup an account, you will see the skype icon on your desktop…

Video calls on skype

Double click the skype icon and login with your skype name and password.  The top left skype symbol shows your status. To be able to contact others, click on the down arrow next to your name. It should say ‘change your status’. Then set your status to online and you are ready to chat or video call!

To speak to a person on skype, make sure that they are added to your contacts. You will need to click on contacts and this allows you to add a contact by Full name, email, phone number or skype name (skype ID).  Then press the green Add button, and the person should appear in your contacts list on the left hand side of the screen.

To call someone in your contacts list, simply right click on their name (in your contact list) and click on the green ‘call’.  You can switch the video on or off during your call by clicking on the video icon.

What else can I do on skype?

Skype also has facilities to share the screen, chat and send files. We will be discussing these in more detail in a later blog.

Are there any other alternatives to video calls on skype?

Yes there are several alternatives to skype. We think that Google + is the best alternative. Follow this link to find out why we think that Google Plus is Better than Skype.

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