How to Plan your Social Media Marketing

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Everything seems so well planned in business. Meetings. Annual plans. Marketing plans. Recruitment plans. Sales plans. Planning plans….

So, why do we rarely plan Social Media Marketing?

Just because it happens at the click of a button doesn’t mean that social media should be instant. Ok, some of it may be fairly instant, and sometimes an instant approach can work. It is easy enough to turn up at work and post whatever we fancy that morning!

But, the truth is that companies who are leading in social media marketing all have a social media strategy plan in place. Many successful businesses and companies plan a certain posts and tweets in advance. Now that’s not to say that there won’t be more spontaneous ones. But planning does ensure a good ‘mix’ of content.

Here’s what we recommend…

1. Put a social media strategy plan in place. This outlines aims and objectives, assesses where your potential customers are and outlines tactics that will be used to improve interaction.

2. Have a social media policy. This is so important. How will your staff use social media, and will this effect the image of your business? Whi will check the posts and tweets before they are released?

3. Have a yearly plan. This will outline particular times of year that your business will need to be prepared for, such as Christmas, New Year or a business specific event such as Fair Trade Fortnight.

4. Have a monthly plan. Planning posts and tweets in advance can give you a good mix that will engage and inform your fans. It can also make sure that your social media marketing is not too ‘product heavy’.

5. Also be up to date and spontaneous! You can’t plan everything in social media, and it is always best to stay up to date. So although planning is great, instant access to up to date and relevant information will also help you to keep your business current. Review and refine!

This screenshot shows how Excel is great for monthly planning of posts and tweets. This example comes from Kigali Crafts.

If you would like help with your social media strategy planning please contact us, we would love to help! For a qualification in Social Media Marketing, you may be interested in the BTEC in Social Media for Business.

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