Hootsuite: A great way to Manage your Social Networks

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 What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a web tool, which allows you to combine all your social media into one useable account. There are different options with Hootsuite, more if you pay for an account. In this blog we will be discussing the basics options.

How do you get a Hootsuite account?

Follow this link http://bit.ly/YbrfZu to sign up. Simply fill in your details to create an account.

Free Hootsuite account!

The free Hootsuite account allows you to connect up to five social media accounts. This can be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, wordpress blogs tumblr and many others. You can also use Hootsuite to schedule posts and tweets and you can also create reports about your social media accounts.

What does Hootsuite allow you to do?

  • Once you have connected your social media accounts you can see them all on one page in the style of news feed. You can see who is tweeting you, what events you have been invited to on Facebook and new LinkedIn.
  • You can manage your accounts all from this page, whether this is by scheduling tweets or just seeing what your friends are up to, there is no need to log into all your accounts and have numerous tabs with Hootsuite its all on one page.
  •  Another great advantage with Hootsuite is that it monitors and creates statistics of your social media accounts. This may not be a necessity for most people but for businesses it is a great tool. It always users to pin point what is getting them traffic, whether this be posting at a certain time of day or a certain type of post. You can even measure your fans, likes, and general activity, and see the exact demographic of who you are reaching. You can keep a record of these stats over a long period and even trace revenue.
  • Hootsuite allows you to schedule, which is very useful. If you blog this tool is great Hootsuite will release and share your blogs automatically.  Additionally, you can schedule tweets and posts to be released at designated times. Allowing you to continue posting when you are on holiday.
  • Another advantage of Hootsuite is that you can use it on your phone. Apps are available for Android, Chrome, Blackberry, IPhone and Ipad so you can use Hootsuite wherever you are.
  • Hootsuite also has a geo-search tool, which allows users to search for tweets within a specified radius, as well as searching by language.

Do you use Hootsuite to manage your social networks? Do leave your comments below.

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