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January 11, 2013
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What is Digg? – the name signifies a thumbs-up, or vote – gives readers the casting vote on the most interesting stories on the website using ‘diggs’, Facebook shares and tweets. This puts power in the hands of the punters who can determine how high up a story appears, and illustrates how today’s news consumers can also participate in and guide the editorial process (at the moment, however, readers can’t comment on stories).

How it works

Stories are culled, some suggested by readers, from a range of online sources, from the UK’s Telegraph to the Washington Post, Reuters, and Wired, taking an entertaining approach to news of the day. Voters use a button beneath the item they are voting up or down, and Digg ratings are displayed below the stories. Many websites also add Digg buttons to their pages, allowing users to vote as they browse the web. The end product is a series of wide-ranging, constantly updated lists of popular and trending content from around the Internet.

Popular items on Digg

Digg’s approach is a blend of news and entertainment. Popular posts are listed.

How do I use Digg?

You can use either Facebook or Twitter credentials to create an account. If you decide to sign up using Facebook, all of the stories you digg will be shared to your Facebook Timeline. For more information have a look on Diggs FAQ.

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