Facebook Reactions – Facebook ‘Like’ Button Finally Develops other Options!

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You know how annoying it used to be when your friend made a negative comment on Facebook – maybe something about being sick. Ugh. No, you did not ‘like’ that status, but didn’t have time to comment on it either. Maybe you were in a rush for work. So, what next? Your friend was left thinking you didn’t give a damn. And all because Facebook didn’t have a ‘dislike’ button.

Well finally, Facebook has listened to our comments and progressed, by developing a multitude of options, other than to just ‘LIKE!’ They are using EMOJI’S and this new feature is called Facebook Reactions.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 12.12.38

What are the new Facebook Buttons?

As you can see from my above screenshot, you now have the following option buttons for Facebook statuses…

  1. LIKE – Yeah, we are used to this one!
  2. LOVE – My sister just got enagaged and now I can LOVE this status!
  3. HAHA! For the silly dog pictures and videos that my aunty shares on my wall.
  4. WOW – Preserved for the things that really are amazing (maybe COMICON costumes?!?! Or is that LOVE? I’m not really sure – I guess it depends what costume it is!)
  5. SAD ;-( – Life has it’s sad moments. Support your friends by expressing your sadness when they are going through a difficult time.
  6. ANGRY – I’m hoping I won’t need to use this much at all, but it can be used as you see fit. Scams, injustices, political statements or war – many of these could make you angry, and now there’s a button for that!

I’m so glad that Facebook have finally cottoned on to the fact that human beings have more than one emotion!

Personally, I don’t like to see too much negativity on Facebook. So, I hope that I won’t need to use the SAD or ANGRY buttons too often. I certainly don’t want to see gruesome images of war or abuse in my newsfeed, and I sometimes unfollow people who post such things. That doesn’t mean that I am blind to what goes on in the world, it’s just the positive way that I like to use social media, combined with my personal time constraints. I do think that I will make good use of the LOVE, HAHA and WOW buttons!

What’s interesting is that despite this new and much needed Facebook development, many people are just sticking to ‘LIKES’ simply because it is what they are used to. I’m expecting to see more use of the new Facebook buttons over the next few weeks as people cotton on.

Do Facebook Reactions have a Hidden Agenda?

Although this new Facebook development has been welcomed by many as a new way to express themselves, the Business Insider has highlight the possibility of a hidden agenda. Are Facebook using these new ‘reactions’ as yet another data collection tool?  Read more here.

What do you think of the New Facebook Buttons?

I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of the new Facebook buttons? Which ones will you use? Do you think that there is a hidden agenda? I look forward to hearing your comments on my blog.

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