Social Media Trends 2016

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As we are already in 2016, it is becoming highly important to review the changes that might take place in the digital marketing world, especially the social media trends. Trumpeter Media is here to put together a list of social media trends 2016 that will lead the social media market.

Social Media Trends 2016

Less new Social Media Platforms will Emerge

In the last few years, many new and wonderful social media platforms like Snapchat, and Instagram have created a niche for themselves. However, there is a chance that in 2016, many new and potential social media channels will be purchased by the bigger companies in the business sector. Hence, there will be less chance for independently owned channels to get the required spectrum.

Increase in Data Privacy Issues

In 2015, there were many privacy issues and the most predominant one was the controversial ‘Ashley Madison’ case. The Canadian dating agency for people who ‘want to have affairs?!’ was hacked, and the company threatened with the release of it’s clients personal data online if they did not close the agency down.

This kind of concern has made users information more vulnerable and new social media platforms may not be able to keep their commitment to protect client information. However, they will need to take steps for preventing data ‘leaks’. This is going to be a major social media trend all through 2016.

Increase in E-commerce and Mobile by means of Social Media Platforms

The majority of big online networking companies like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are putting ‘buy’ buttons onto their platforms. It is easy to predict that others, for example, Instagram will soon act accordingly. This is going to make the purchasing of items simpler through online networking platforms. Moreover, in-app development that facilitates online shopping will be an emerging social media trend for 2016.

Facebook will Modify its Product Offering to a Content Based Platform

Facebook is trying to keep its online networking site new by implementing new ways to keep its users engaged. This has been accomplished in various ways, yet most of it is done through story related content.

Right now, Facebook is trying its ‘Instant articles’ button which will give publishers the opportunity to post content without making other users leave the site to read it. This is surely going to create lots of ‘buzz’ and it will be interesting to observe how other competitors respond.

Real Time Social Media Updates

Live updates will keep on dominating the online networking market in 2016. This kind of social media advancement is mainly driven by new live video broadcasting applications, for example, Meerkat and Periscope.

These updates will now allow all of us to capture everything and share it instantly with the friends instead of recording the video and posting it on the later stage. Moreover, other social media platforms, for example, Snapchat and Instagram are starting to get into this kind of trend and might create a real-time revival.

What do you think are the big social media trends 2016? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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