Pinterest for Wedding Planning! My Essential Online Tool

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Many of you will know the very exciting news that I recently got engaged at York Minster. Now, I never thought that I would experience such happiness!

I now find myself at 35 years old eagerly planning my wedding to an amazing guy, with the aid of two things. The first thing is the ‘book of thoughts’ that we both use to write down all of our wedding ideas. This book was a gift of one of my lovely clients and she is so happy to hear of its purpose. The second thing that I am eagerly using for my wedding planning is Pinterest. Today, I would like to explain why Pinterest is the ultimate social media tool for wedding planning.

Park Guell

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest, as you may know, is a creative social media platform that acts like a virtual pin board. You can create boards with particular themes or ideas and paying any images from the web or upload them. Pinterest is great for categorising interior decor for different rooms or different colour schemes, for example. Approximately 70% of Pinterest users are half female and the majority of users are based in the UK and the US.

Why is Pinterest good for Wedding Planning?

As for weddings, Pinterest certainly is the bees knees! I recently read a Vogue article sent to me by my cousin Freya, entitled: Why I’m Planning My Wedding Without Pinterest. I couldn’t disagree more! Of course, there are some amazing ideas in vintage magazines. But the fact remains – I couldn’t imagine coming up with ideas for a wedding without Pinterest!

Dr Who Engagement Ring Box
Dr Who Engagement Ring found on Pinterest.

Secret boards for Wedding Planning on Pinterest

So what Pinterest secret boards do I have? There’s one for the colour scheme, one from address, one of the general ideas such as wedding favours, one for venues and one for jewellery and accessories. Whenever I see an idea online or spot that cute bridesmaid dress I can pay directly to the relevant board.

The great thing about Pinterest for planning a wedding is that you can use a secret board. This means that only you and anyone you personally invite to the board can use it and see it. This Pinterest feature allows you to keep colour schemes and wedding ideas secret from others and potential guests. It also allows you to keep your wedding dress ideas secret from your husband to be!

The secret boards feature also allows close friends and family to have an input into your wedding. Everyone will be excited about your new engagement and wants to contribute ideas. By having a friends and family wedding ideas secret board, and inviting those who you want to allow to contribute, you can let the family get involved without completely taking over or knowing the final details.

Are there any Downsides to using Pinterest for Wedding Planning?

Are there any downsides to using Pinterest for wedding planning? I don’t really think so! Pinterest is fun, exciting and allows you to be creative with ideas. It also allows you to compile a portfolio of modern ideas. It is great for deviating from the traditional normal wedding and going for geek chic or a particular theme.

pinterest for wedding planning


The only real downside that I can see to using Pinterest for wedding planning is if you create a board and forget to make it secret, revealing all of the secrets about your big day ahead! Happy pinning.

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