Social Media Scheduling – Give yourself a Christmas Break

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We’ve already hit December and Christmas is on its way! How exciting! My Christmas tree went up this weekend 😉

However, for medicine many business owners worldwide, it is difficult for them to take a break from their business at Christmas time. Many people who run their businesses continue to work right up to Christmas Eve and return the day after Boxing Day. The demands of business mean that it is difficult to get a break.

However, Christmas is a time for family and relaxing. If you are an entrepreneur and don’t take a proper break over the Christmas period, you could be facing the consequences of burnout in the New Year.

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Schedule your Social Media to give yourself a Break

You know what it’s like when you’re an entrepreneur. The phone doesn’t seem to stop drinking. And in the digital age, it feels like we are constantly having to reply to Tweets and Facebook messages. Do yourself a favour, give yourself a break at Christmas time with social media scheduling.

Giving yourself a break at Christmas doesn’t mean that you have to leave your social media accounts dormant and give the impression that you are not in activity. The fantastic thing about blogs and social media is that they can be automated to give you that much needed holiday in the festive season.

Top five ways Social Media Scheduling can give yourself a break this Christmas

  1. Schedule your blogs. Write one or two blogs to be released in the period between Christmas and New Year to give yourself a week off. It is easy to do this on WordPress just change publish immediately to schedule and add in the date.
  2. Schedule Facebook Statuses – It is easy to set up Facebook statuses for automatic release during the festive season. Simply preplan your Facebook tweets with the relevant links and photographs. Then, you will upload the Facebook status as usual and then click on the bottom right arrow on the facebook status update bar to schedule. Select the clock that appears and enter the date and time that you would like this particular Facebook status to be released.
  3. Use Tweetdeck to Schedule your Tweets – Did you know that it is also possible to schedule tweets in advance through Tweetdeck, and it is free to set up an account. Schedule in your ‘Happy Christmas’ and New Year posts, grab a mince pie and relax 😉
  4. Use Hootsuite to schedule social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and now Instagram. Hootsuite is my favourite Social Media Management tool. A basic account is free, but I actually use Hootsuite Pro which allows me to manage a greater number of social media platforms.
  5. Put your favourite blogs on auto-tweet using Triberr. Triberr allows you to follow people and automatically tweet their new blog content. Again, a basic account is free. Select your favourite bloggers, sit back and relax 😉

Do you have any tips on Social Media scheduling over the Christmas period? Do comment below!

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