I’ve Upgraded to Triberr Prime!

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A couple of weeks back, I introduced you to my new social media tool – Triberr. People set up and join Tribes for mutual blog sharing and an increased social reach.

Personally, I have been using Triberr for some time now (a few months) to promote Trumpeter Media and Globetrotter Guru. Using Triberr (combined with Hootsuite Pro) has helped me grow my travel blog to over 6000 followers in just a few months.

I’ve just Upgraded to Triberr Prime!

The basic account on Triberr is free, and gives you many benefits, including the ability to create and join Tribes. It’s perfect for anyone who blogs as a hobby. However, for a professional, you may want to upgrade to Triberr Prime, for a number of extra benefits.



Grow Bigger Tribes with Triberr Prime Lite and Prime

The first reason that I upgraded to Triberr Prime was because my ‘Tribes’ were growing so much! I have cultivated a ‘Social Media Tribe‘ for online marketing experts and a ‘Digital Nomad Tribe‘ for travel bloggers. My Digital Nomad Tribe very quickly reached 30 members, and you need to upgrade to Prime Lite for up to 50 members per Tribe and Prime for up to 75 members.

Now I’m on Prime Lite ($8.50 a month if you pay annually), my tribes can expand. This gives me a bigger pool of members and articles to share with, and allows me to stay in control of content.

Put more Bloggers on Auto-share

The autoshare facility is really great if you know and trust certain bloggers. Put your favourite bloggers on auto-share and watch their content disseminate throughout your social media accounts! I started to do this with one of my favourite bloggers Valerie and Valise. Now I have seen the benefits of autoshare, I want to be able to do more.

With a free basic Triberr account, you can have up to 7 bloggers on auto-share. With Prime Lite, I now get to share 25!


Add more Blogs to Triberr

I saw the benefit of using Triberr in my other blogs, so I figured it was time to use it for a few of my other blogs to including www.philosophyzer.com and www.amytrumpeter.com, which is going to be a personal development blog.

Upgrading to Triberr Prime Lite means that I can now connect 4 blogs rather than just 2.

Other Benefits of Upgrading on Triberr

Upgrading on Triberr can also offer you more posts a week imported to your feed and a higher number of approvals for Tribes.

If you really want to go all out, Triberr Prime will allow you to have up to 19 Twitter accounts connected and 75 posts a week imported. This is something that I may consider further down the line.

I’m really excited about this, and can’t wait to see what the future will hold for Triberr. There is speculation in the social media that this is going to lead to something really big! I will keep you updated 😉



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