Image Tagging – A Powerful Social Media Marketing Tool

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What is Image Tagging?

Image tagging is an online system used for descriptive tagging of image content. This makes images easier to find online because it allows people to filter out images that they might not want to find.

Image tagging also helps you to categorise images on some platforms, so that when you have a large number of images they are easier for you to find.

Image tagging is an important marketing tool for your blog and social media. How you tag your images will vary depending on the platform that you are using.

How to Tag images on your WordPress Blog

Tagging an article on a WordPress blog is easy, you simply add related words or keywords to the tags on the right hand side bar of your post dashboard.  When writing your blogs, you will also need to add an ‘alt tag’ to images when you upload them. This will help with the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your website.

Tagging the images on your WordPress blog will mean that they are easy to find through Google image searches. By tagging images on your blog posts, more people are likely to stumble on your blog or website due to your image ranking highly on Google searches.

Image Tagging
Image Alt Tagging on WordPress

Other free blogging platforms such as blogger do also have a tagging facility. However, I recommend that the best way to run a blog is by self hosting WordPress on a platform such as GoDaddy.

Using #Hashtags with Images on Social Media

A #hashtag is a commonly used to tag images on many social media platforms. #Hashtags now work on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Certain hashtags have become extremely popular through social media, such as #selfie and #photobomb. Simply upload your image to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and add a #hashtag in front of relevant keywords that you want it to be found as.

Here is an example of a tweet using #hashtags for images on the Globetrotter Guru Twitter account…

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 14.18.16

Tagging People in Pictures on Facebook

When you upload an image to Facebook, you can tag an individual by clicking on a face in that image end adding their name to it. On Facebook, be aware that you are not allowed to tag people on business Facebook account.

However, what you can do is upload a photo to your business Facebook page, then change to your personal profile and tag a person this way.


Facebook image tagging
Tagging me with a baby chick on Facebook.

When you tag people on Facebook, it is always good practice especially in business, to ask for that persons permission before uploading an image of them to Facebook. The last thing that you want is someone complaining that they didn’t want you to upload a picture of them, making bad relationships as a result.

Do you have any tips for Image Tagging?

If you have more tips on image tagging, please share them by commenting on this blog!

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