5 Ways you can Improve your Social Media Profile Today

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Many entrepreneurs worldwide are now aware that having a strong social presence is an essential aspect of marketing success. But, how do you know that your online presence is helping you to achieve your overall business objectives? Of course, every social media account that you open takes time to manage. And, in business, time is money! So, here are 5 ways that can improve your social media profile today….

5 Ways you can Improve your Social Media

1. Consider the Social Media Platforms that you are Using

There are so many channels, so which one is right for your business?

To keep everything simple, each and every company would probably benefit from having a Twitter and Facebook page. Linked In is great for Business to Business, and Google + is great for Search Engine Optimisation. So, depending on the business, I usually recommend that people concentrate their efforts on these platforms.

However, I always tell people that you need to be where your audience is. If you are marketing make-up or Travel, Instagram is a fantastic place to be. Pinterest can work great for interior designers. Running a training business? YouTube will work wonders.

Focus your efforts on where you can get the most engagement, and therefore the most return.

2. Consider how your Company is using these Accounts

Are the posts on your social accounts valuable, interesting and engaging for the target audience? Use your Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights to assess what is being shared and gaining interactions. Do more it this!

Make sure you are not focusing on self-promotion activities, as this can be off putting. To improve your social media, try to share interesting blogs, images (original) videos and quizzes that will keep people engaged.

3. Evaluate your social media goals

It is difficult to overlook what your business initially wished to accomplish from online networking; reexamine this with your marketing team so as to concentrate on why did you select specific platforms in any case. Is it accurate to say that it was to increase customer service or customer referrals or online recommendations? Was this done to increase trust or brand awareness to build loyalty? These objectives ought to be evaluated first to guarantee that you have not been diverted the way. In case more dedication is required on specific social profiles, list them and find out what assets will be required to handle these issues.

4. Consider who is actually managing your social profiles

It is highly important that different team members of your company should involve in the use of the company’s social media. You can assign different social media objectives to various team members and this will make sure that the right person is employed to keep your company on the top of your online presence.

For instance, you can assign one person to handle the updates that are relevant to your marketing plan. A technical member can be assigned to handle all the queries relating to the technology used.

5. How frequently you are using the various social platforms?

Many marketers always think about “how many times the social platforms will be used”. Well, there is no wrong or right answer. This can be easily determined by your target audience and social media objectives.

Your resources also need to be considered here. Sometimes, it is better to cut down on the amount that you post, and focus on quantity, rather than quality.

If you would like further help on how to improve your social media, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

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