When, How and Where to Promote Content on Social Media

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When to promote Content on Social Media

First of all, when considering the timing of your content sharing, you need to have a clear blog posting schedule. Consistency is the key here. You don’t want to blog every day of four days and then nothing for a month. It would be better to post on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. If you want to schedule in advance, I recommend a marketing tool such as Hootsuite.

Make sure than you engage in analysis of your social media statistics to find out when to post content to your sites.  There are optimum times for posting, such as between 8am and 9am, lunch times and after work at around 5.30pm. However, the only real evidence will come from your analytics such as Facebook Insights or Twitter Analytics.

Also, consider the time zone that you are marketing in. If you work with several countries, you need to consider time of posts for different time zones, such as both the US and the UK.

When How and Where to promote content on Social Media
When, How and Where do you share your Content on Social Media?
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How to Promote your Content on Social Media

The key with promoting your content through social media is to share helpful and useful content, both that is your own and other people’s. Only 10% of your posts should be promotional – referring customers to your own products or events.

If your material is relevant and useful, it will automatically get shared in the social media community. Content is King!

Remember that social media is social and should including the sharing of a variety of links, videos and images that people will find relevant. You definitely need to use visuals when promoting content on social media. Also, combine your own material with interactions and positive comments.

If you want this to be automated from your blog, use the Jetpack Publicise, which will automatically post new blog material to your social media sites for you.

Where to Promote your Social Media

Deciding where to promote your social media will all depend on your customer base and where you find them. You will, of course have a strategy plan in place, which determines which social media platforms you use. Needless to say, you need to publish on all of those immediately.

However, when you publish on all of your social media platforms, adjust the post to reflect the context of the material shared. In other words, you wouldn’t post exactly the same sentence on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook might have a list format, and Twitter will be shorter, precise and use certain hashtags.

Make sure that your bios and profiles on social media are all up to date and contain links to your website and content. You can also complete professional profiles and portfolios on Linked In and People Per Hour.

Once your content is shared across all of your social media accounts, it doesn’t stop there. You can take part in communities, discussions and group. When you are helping people out and offering free advice, there may be times when you share your content there too. For example, in a Facebook Group or Google+ Community.


When, How and Where do you share your content on social media? I’d love to hear your comments!

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