6 Ways to Maintain Brand Cohesion on Social Media

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Social Media accounts will say a lot about your business, and should always be in line with your brand.  Brand Cohesion on social media is not just about design, it is also about your social media voice and what you promote.

6 ways to maintain Brand Cohesion on Social Media.

#1 Logo and Colour Scheme

Make sure that your logo appears across all of your social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. The logo and design of you social media accounts should be in line with your company website.

Brand Cohesion

#2 Colour Scheme

On accounts where you can change the colour scheme, such as Twitter, this should reflect your brand colour scheme.

#3 Social Media Voice

Develop your brand voice and stick to it consistently across all of your social media platforms. This could be formal, casual, humorous or professional, but consistency is the key!

#4 Similar Message and Values

What your company values and promotes also needs to be consistent across social media sites. You don’t want to come across as having ‘green’ values on one site, but forgetting those values on another. You should also decide on the kind of links and topics that will be shared across all social media platforms.

#5 Be aware of Seasonality and Timing

Everything that is shared on your social media sites including links, videos and images should be checked for timeliness and appropriateness. Make sure that nothing being shared is inappropriate or negative. Be aware of the seasonal changes and how you market them on social media. Certain times of year such as Christmas and Easter will create prime opportunities for promoting brand awareness on Social Media.

#6 Create Sharable Content

By giving people information for free and creating sharable content, you will be improving your online identity and therefore the credibility of your brand.

How do you retain brand cohesion on social media? Please leave your comments below.


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