10 Social Marketing Tactics To Launch A Product

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Here are my top 10 tips for running a Product Launch through Social Marketing…

#1 Market Research before your Product Launch

Before you have a product launch, you need to be sure that it will fit the market. You want to launch something that your customers definitely want to purchase. Social media is a fantastic forum for market research. Don’t be afraid to ask your fan base what they want – they will guide you!

#2 Create a Buzz before your Product Launch

By drumming up interest before the product has even been launched, you can create excitement and a buzz around your new product on launch date. This doesn’t mean a daily countdown until your new product launch, but a ‘taster’ or ‘initial reveal’ can really build up interest in your new product and get people excited about it.

#3 Create a Contest

Giving away freebies can be an initial expense, but will often come back to you in future fans and sales. When I worked for Kigali Crafts, we ran a Twitter competition where people had to Retweet an image of a beaded pen to win one. We had many retweets and followers as a result. Remember that you should read up on the terms and conditions of the social networking site that you want to run a contest on, otherwise you could be compromising your account and reputation.

#4 Use Images on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr

Images are extremely strong on social media and Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr are the best ways to share images. Make sure that the images you use are your own or that you own copyright. By instagramming images, you can also share direct to Facebook and Twitter. Good Product Images are clear with a neutral background and strong light.

Product Launch
Image Credit: Arbonne International.

#5 YouTube it

You can say a lot with a picture, but even more with a video. The new Macbook reveal video got me excited enough about Apple’s new product that I simply had to order it! Watch the Macbook launch vide here to see how to launch a new product successfully. As well as You Tube, you could also consider alternative video sharing platforms such as Vimeo.

#6 Make it both Appealing and Easy to Buy

Is it enough to get your fans to like your new product and find it appealing? Absolutely not if you haven’t secured the sale! Make sure that you add the link to purchase your product to social media posts.

#7 Tweet and Repeat

Twitter can really explode a new product if it is popular enough and the tweets are phrased correctly. One or two tweets are not enough. Create several different tweets for your product launch that include images and videos of your new product. Research hashtags that will work well and use them. Ideally, you should tweet 3 X daily.

#8 Blog your Product Launch

Write a blog before, on and after your launch date to keep people informed and updated. If you are not sure how to write a product blog, consider visuals. You can easily embed YouTube clips into your blog. If you are looking for a different a new way to blog, consider doing a ‘Photo Favourite’ (single striking image) or a ‘Photo Essay’ (series of images) to highlight your product.

#9 Combine the Online with the Offline

Remember not to use social media in isolation. You can use social media to drum up interest in a launch party or PR event. Following the event, you can use social media to share photos and videos of the event and share them with your followers.

#10 Reward your Dedicated Fans and Brand Advocates

The best way to run social media marketing is to have your fans love your product that they do the tweeting and posting for you! Can you find a way to reward your loyal fan base? For example, 10% off at the till for your Facebook fans?


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