Social Media and Packaging – The Lifeline of Beauty Brands

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They say that what you see, is what you get. Generally that may not be the case, but in the age of internet marketing and ecommerce, what you see becomes a key factor in helping you choose the product.

This plays an even enhanced role when it comes to beauty products. In a world which is obsessed with social media, a picture does actually say a thousand words. According to a recent survey, beauty companies have the highest growing social media following amongst all the sectors on the market. What people see on the internet is what they want to buy.

#Hashtags – The pulse of Social Media and Packaging

The effective use of creative hashtags is a key factor when it comes to promotion and packaging of beauty products.

As an example you could see the #maskForce campaign that was launched by the cosmetics company Glossier. The campaign was to promote two of their premier beauty masks. The campaign was to take a video or picture of yourself with your regular mask and then with Glossier’s premium mask and show the difference with the hashtag #maskForce. This was done to great success as potential customers saw the results that regular people have achieved which spurred them on to purchase the product themselves.

Product Packaging is the way to go!

A company’s best bet is to make the packaging of their products as pretty as possible. In most cases, if the package looks beautiful on the outside, the customer gets a sense of assurance that the product is reliable on the inside. A product’s packaging is a company’s way of showing who they are and what they want to give a customer.

Beauty companies have different forms of packaging a product. One way to attract customers is to offer more information and be customer friendly. The other way is to offer packaging that is shiny and very bling, like that of Arbonne’s RE9 Anti Ageing Skincare. These are created to impress customers who want to decorate their sink or bathroom.

Social Media and Packaging
Arbonne RE9 Anti Aging Packaging
Image Credit: Arbonne International

In this age, it is even more imperative that beauty brands endorse and promote their products in an effective manner on the social media because as we all know it, on the internet, you are either a hit or a miss. There is no middle ground. Make your product interesting, give it a nice hashtag, promote it well on the social media and reward people who promote it.

The combination of Social Media and Packaging is a recipe for ecommerce success.

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