How to Use Social Media to Get More Yoga Students

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Being a Yoga teacher is all about helping people to live a fuller and happier life. Yoga is good for your posture as well as physical and mental health.

Are you a Yoga teacher or Yoga business owner?  Are you looking to increase your numbers of Yoga students? If so, read on – I am about to tell you how to use social media to get more Yoga students.


Do you want to use Social Media to get more Yoga Students?

Please remember to only take on the social media accounts that you can manage. I am not suggesting that you employ all of the methods suggested below, simply choose which ones work for your audience and run with those.

There is no harm in asking your Yoga class what social networks they use, to influence your decision on social media for your business. Also, I would argue for quality over quantity on social media for your Yoga business.

1. Start a Yoga Facebook page

Starting a Yoga Facebook page will help you to get the word out about your business and keep current clients up to date on lessons and classes. A Facebook page offers more facilities than a personal profile. If you are not sure about Facebook pages, you can read my article on Facebook profile versus Facebook page.

On your Facebook page, make sure that you use a lot of visuals, including photos of postures and retreats. You can also share yoga videos and articles about health and wellness.

Another advantage of Facebook is that you can create events and then invite your client base. For example, if you were offering a free Yoga class or Yoga retreat, you could share this as a Facebook event and send invites.

Facebook has a massive community, and is likely to be the first place that you consider marketing your Yoga business.

Use social media to get more Yoga Students

2. Start a Yoga Twitter account

Starting a Twitter account can also increase your social media following and therefore expand your client base. When you tweet, you are sending a 140 character update to your followers, so you will need to be concise.

Don’t be too overly promotional – share interesting and relevant content. Although you want to encourage people to join your classes, make sure that these ‘promotional’ tweets are around 10% of the content shared from your business Twitter account. You can also use images and videos on Twitter.

In addition, make sure use you Yoga related hashtags such as #yoga #happiness #inspiredyogis #fitness #vegan.

3. Join Yoga groups on Facebook or Linked In

By giving people free advice and information through groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, you can be seen as an expert in your area. Once you offer people advice on Yoga, for example Yoga during pregnancy or illness, people may come to you for further advice and subsequently join your classes.

There are a great deal of Yoga groups and communities online. You may want to look for a specific group for example ‘Yoga Community Toronto‘ has almost 3000 members, so if your business is in Toronto, this is something you could think about joining. Simply do a Facebook search and you will find a wealth of Yoga communities in your area.

4. Start a Yoga Blog

Having a blog on your website will mean that you can release new material that will be shared and encourage new yoga students to come to your classes.

New content on your website will push you up the Google rankings. More people will find your website through Google searches. Your Yoga blog could include stories from Yoga retreats, different types of Yoga and information about living a healthy lifestyle. You can also ask your current students what topics they would like more information on. Get your students to ask you questions and then address these with your answers in a blog post.

The best way to run a blog is by self hosting on platform such as Godaddy or Bluehost. Then Install Free blogs such as Blogger or do not have many features, and you will find that you grow out of them very quickly, so it is better to self host from the start.

Rachel Brathen's Yoga Blog
Rachel Brathen’s Yoga Blog

5. Build an email database and send Newsletter Updates

Email newsletters are a very effective way to keep your client base up-to-date on new events and classes. The best platform is Aweber, so create an account and start building your list as soon as possible.

A crucial step in your social media marketing for your Yoga business is ‘data capture’ for email addresses. You could consider a data capture box on your website or Facebook account. Add your current customers into your email database and continue adding to your list when you meet someone who may be interested in your services.

6. Pinterest

Pinterest is essentially an online visual pin-board. You can use hashtags on interest in the same way that you do on Twitter. In order to attract more Yoga students, you can post images that back link to your own website.

Around 70% of Pinterest users are female users into food and fashion. You may decide to post images are healthy eating, no yoga poses and retreats or events. You can create boards under different categories, so decide on five or six topics to create. This will make it easier for you to categorise your pins.

7. YouTube

You could video yourself doing different Yoga poses or teaching classes and upload these to YouTube. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks a thousand images. You can also download a free editing app such as Splice to edit videos on your iPhone or Smartphone!

In ‘Yoga with Adrienne’, Adrienne has posted a Yoga video every day for 30 days of Yoga…

8. Instagram

Instagram is a massively popular and relatively new social network. It is great because it is instant and it is image based, with little advertising. You can upload pictures of poses, healthy eating and retreats. You can also use hashtags on instagram too.

The Business of Yoga

If you are a Yoga teacher wanting to use social media to get more Yoga students, I would definitely recommend checking out Justin Michael Williams and Karen Mozes on Justin and Karen are experts in helping people to grow Yoga businesses around the world.



They highly recommend Facebook and email data collection, with Instagram if you want to add in a third network.

How do you promote your Yoga business? I’d love to hear your comments.

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