Improve your Social Media Sites – 5 Social Media Visibility Secrets!

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Aren’t you jealous of those people who seem to be everywhere, on several social media sites, all round the clock? You know the sort I mean – they tweet in the middle of the night, they share their blog content everywhere and they have a MASSIVE social media following. Want to be one of those people? Read on!

5 Visibility secrets that will help you to get noticed on your Social Media Sites.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite allowsyou to schedule material across several social media platforms at once. You can schedule your posts and tweets in advance around the clock.

Hootsuite - Social Relationship Platform

By upgrading to Hootsuite Pro, you have access to ‘suggested content’. With suggested content, you are allowed to specify up to three keywords that you want to tweet or post about and Hootsuite will come up with the content for you. You can schedule content in advance and edit it to include certain hashtags. This is a massive time saver.

Social Media Visibility

2. Triberr

Triberr is social media’s best kept secret. Make an account with Triberr to massively increase your social media reach. You can join or start a ‘tribe’ or group of people with similar interests who share each others content.

Ready made content for your social media feed? Check! Get others to share your social media content? Check. Massively expand your social media reach? Check!

You can also upgrade your membership to allow you to be the ‘chief’ of more tribes. Click here if you are interested in joining my social media tribe.

3. Jetpack Publicize Plugin

The Jetpack publicise plugin is free to install and will automatically send out your new blog content to all of the social media accounts that you specify. Genius! But don’t leave all the work to Publicize, play around with titles and headlines over the first 48 hours that a new post is released, to get maximum exposure.

4. Revive Old Post WordPress Plugin

This wordpress plugin will automate old blog posts from your blog to increase your traffic and website views. With Revive Old Post, you can specify which social media sites you want your old posts to be publicized through including Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. You can also say which old posts you want to be exempt from the sharing, and which hashtags you want to be used.

5. Discussions and Twitter chats

Twitter chats in your field can massively increase your Twitter following and social media visibility. Simply search online for Twitter chats on your topic. For example, I like #likeablechat for social media and #ttot (Travel Talk on Twitter) for travel.

You can also join Linked In Groups and Facebook groups to discuss issues around your topic.


What are your best kept social media secrets? What tools do you use to massively increase your social media following?

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