Facebook Call to Action! How can I add a Call to Action Button to my Business Facebook Page?

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If you already have a business Facebook page, you will be interested to hear about how Facebook call to action buttons can increase your bookings, sales and signups on Facebook.

How to add a Facebook Call to Action Button

When you log into your business page, if you have the option of adding a Facebook call to action button, the box should appear over you cover image saying “Create Call to Action”. Simply click on this button and it will give you several options for the button title including sign up, shop now, contact us, watch video and a few more options.

Chose which option you would like and then add the URL for your business. This is what it looks like on my Travel Blog Facebook page…

Facebook call to Action

Advantages of adding the call to action button include more website traffic. If your website is user friendly and the Facebook fans are interested in your product or service, this should result in more positive interactions on your website. This could be more people signing up to your newsletter, more sales or more bookings.

Advantages of the Facebook ‘Call to Action’

  • Ability to call followers to watch a video, sign up, make a booking, shop now, play a game or use an app on your Facebook page.
  • Higher Conversion rate for Businesses.
  • Monitor clicks through Facebook Insights.

Why is a Facebook page better than a Personal Profile?

  • You can have more likes (personal profiles have friend limits)
  • You can incorporate Applications.
  • You can advertise to your target audience.
  • You have have access to Facebook analytics to help you to understand your fans behaviour.
  • You can schedule posts.

If you would like to read more, visit my article on Facebook for business: Page or Person?

I don’t have a Business Facebook page, how do I set one up?

If you already have a personal Facebook account, it will be relatively easy for you to set one up. Log into your usual account and you will see a create page option in the top right menu.



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