Do You Want a Quick Step by Step Guide on How To Use Instagram?

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What is Instagram?

Instagram is photo sharing and social networking service. Instagram is predominantly used through smartphones such as the iPhone and the Android. It has strong connections with Facebook and Twitter which means that it’s really accessible both for businesses and just the regular user.

Instagram online works very much like Twitter. You can create a profile and gain followers but instead of typed tweets, you upload a picture and a small caption underneath.

The pictures can be edited before you upload them which is one of Instagram’s biggest features. You can choose from an array of filters to edit the picture and make it more of a piece of art rather than just a standard smartphone picture.

Hashtags can then be used to make the picture of searchable e.g. If you uploaded a picture of Beyoncé and then made a hash tag related to the picture (#beyonce), anybody who searches for that word will be able to see your picture and profile.

You can also access your Instagram profile online and you can edit your profile and change any settings from here which makes it a little easier.

How To Use Instagram Online – A Quick Step By Step Guide

1. Create an Instagram account (this takes 5 minutes) or log in.

2. Take a photo using Instagram or use a photo in your gallery.


3. Edit your photo using the different tools. You can rotate your photo or add an effect. On this photo I have used the filter called ‘Hudson’, I’ve added a border and I’ve also used the blur tool so the main focus is on Milo the dog and the rest of the photo is slightly distorted.


4. Click ‘next’ when you’ve finished editing the photo.

5. This is where you share your photo on Instagram. You can write a caption that will sit underneath and also add hash tags so that your photo becomes searchable. There are options to share your photo on various other platforms. If you are logged into them from your phone you can click on e.g. Facebook and when you press ‘share’ the photo will be uploaded to your Facebook profile as well as Instagram. If you look at the picture below I have selected Twitter.


6. After you have edited everything that you want to and you are happy with the image, you can click on ‘share’ to upload your photo.


7. When it says ‘Done’ by your image that means it has uploaded. You can press the refresh button on the right and you will see the image appear in your feed.


Do You Use Instagram Online For Your Business?

Let us know what you think about Instagram online by leaving us a comment in the box below!

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