Facebook Timeline Updates – Facebook Finally allows Individual Replies to Comments

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Wasn’t it annoying when you wanted to comment on a comment on Facebook, rather than the original post itself? Your comment or response would get lost in a long list of comments. It might not even have been clear who you were responding to! It was clear that certain Facebook updates were needed. But are they enough to keep Facebook as the leading social media platform of the future?

Facebook Individual Replies to Comments

Facebook have finally introduced individual replies to comments. It is now available to users who have more than 10,000 followers, and will be rolled out to everyone’s Facebook profile by 10th July 2013.

This recent development means that you can reply to a comment and it will appear under that comment as a reply, rather than just going to the bottom of all of the comments on that status – much clearer! This will be much better for accommodating Facebook posts that may trigger a number of responses that could encourage discussion.

Updates to Facebook Timeline

The new Facebook Timeline layout looks great, and there is a larger cover image for your favourite picture. Facebook Timeline now allows you to add extra information that will appear down the left hand side, while your posts appear on the right.  Facebook TV shows

As you can see, you can TV programmes and films that you have watched or want to watch. You can also add books that you have read, and that you want to read, and share these with your friends.

Does Facebook Suck?

But is this just too little too late for Facebook? A great deal are becoming disollusioned with Facebook nowadays compared to Twitter and Google+.  There is even a hashtag for #facebooksucks! With Facebook Graph Search on the horizon, people are becoming more and more concerned about their privacy.

Admittedly, Google Plus seems to have better features, and the added advantages of not being invaded by teenagers! Facebook will need to continue to keep up with demand if it is to continue as a leading platform.

What do you think about recent Facebook developments? What’s your view on the future of Facebook?  Do leave a comment on my blog.

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