How many Social Media Accounts should I have for my Business?

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How many Social Media Accounts should I run for my Business?

There is no right or wrong answer to the question how many social media accounts should I run? The only real answer depends on your time, resources and business requirements.

How many Social Media Accounts should I set up Initially?

It would not be beneficial to your business to set up every social media platform under the sun. If you are a start-up company, you would probably find that this would take up way too much time in the beginning, and social media accounts that are not properly maintained can give your business and negative reputation rather than a positive one of the key to finding the right social media platform for you is to initially do market research and find out where your clients or potential clients are based in the world of social media.

For example, if you are a business to client business, you may find the majority of your clients on Facebook or Twitter. However, if you predominantly work in business to business, linked in may be a more appropriate platform for you. Choose one or two social media platforms that you think will work well for your business. focus on creating positive relationships online and a high-quality social media account. .

When businesses start out, I usually recommend that they set up a page on Facebook and a business twitter account. It is important to make sure that on Facebook it is set up as a business page and not a person. If you want to understand why, Read my blog on why set up a business Facebook page. Facebook page and Twitter accounts are manageable in the initial stages, provided that you do not put pressure on yourself to post daily.

As you become more confident in social media marketing, and build up a good Facebook and twitter presence, you may want to introduce one or two other social media marketing platforms six or 12 months down the line. Only do this if it is within your resources to be able to manage more accounts effectively. If you are in fashion of interior design, for example, you may find that Pinterest works really well for you as it is image based.

Setting up a Social Media Strategy Plan

If you are just starting out with social media marketing accounts for your business, I highly recommend that you get a social media strategy plan in place. If you are experienced in marketing, you can do this yourself. However, it may be worth spending money to have a social media marketing strategy plan put in place by a professional. If you need help with any of this please contact me by calling (07840) 380352.



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